About Us

Welcome to Room Lease – your trusted companion on the journey to finding the ideal rental space in Australia's dynamic property landscape. At Room Lease, we are committed to simplifying your quest for the perfect room rental. Our service goes beyond the basics; we ensure your safety and peace of mind through robust measures, including a partnership with Australia Post for digital ID verification, all provided at no extra cost, because we believe safety is not a premium—it's our standard.

Our Mission: A Home Beyond the Room

Room Lease transcends the traditional rental service. We believe in not just providing a space to live but fostering environments that enrich life. Our platform thoughtfully selects listings with more than just access to outdoor areas; we focus on the overall wellbeing that comes from a secure and connected living experience.


Why We Started Room Lease

Dr Shiv Sidana’s venture into Australia as a student in 2012 was marked by the common struggle to secure accommodation, a reality that has become even more challenging over time. With firsthand insight into the escalating rental crisis and as a homeowner grappling with mortgage stress, Dr Sidana recognised the urgent need for a solution. This led to the inception of Room Lease in 2023 — a user-friendly platform rooted in his personal experiences, aimed at facilitating a smoother rental process. Room Lease is dedicated to streamlining the house-hunting journey, bringing renters and landlords together in a supportive, community-centric environment.

Sahil Kakar, a Co-Founder at RoomLease.com.au, brings more than five years of deep involvement in the real estate sector and a strong desire to make a positive impact on society. His journey to Australia marked the beginning of an in-depth exploration into the complexities of the Australian housing market. Through these challenges, and later as a property investor navigating the rental market's intricacies, Sahil gained a deep understanding of the urgent need for innovation. This insight, coupled with his entrepreneurial drive, led to the co-founding of Room Lease in 2023. His experiences have been crucial in developing Room Lease into a platform that simplifies the rental process. With Room Lease, he aims to foster a more connected and accessible rental market, offering a solution where finding a home is straightforward and less stressful.


Core Values That Shape Our Service

  • Society-Centric Approach: Our operations beat with the pulse of the community. Room Lease is more than a business; it's a societal contributor, ensuring our actions resonate with the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Collaborative Growth: We foster a nurturing ecosystem where success is a shared journey. Our belief in collective growth fuels our platform, inviting both our team and users to partake in mutual progress.
  • Transparent Integrity: We operate with unwavering honesty and clarity. Room Lease's foundation of transparent practices secures trust and promotes effective collaboration.
  • Holistic Wellness: Our offerings span beyond the rental space; we advocate for mental and physical well-being as key components to thriving communities and meaningful connections.
  • Innovative Pioneers: Our pioneering spirit distinguishes us in the rental market. Room Lease is not just about finding a space; it's about delivering innovative living solutions that cater to the needs of modern Australians.

Our Expert Team

With a foundation of expertise in real estate, technology, and community service, the Room Lease team brings unparalleled knowledge of the Australian rental scene. Based in Melbourne, our professionals are dedicated to delivering service excellence, fueled by a commitment to help our users find homes that match their lifestyles.


Join Us in Our Mission

Whether you're looking for a room in Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne, Room Lease is poised to refine your search. Our tailored platform is ready to help you find not just a room, but a home that is safe, connected, and fits your way of life.


Connect with us to see how Room Lease can revolutionise your search for the ideal room. Embrace our mission to provide safe, accessible living spaces for all and understand why Australians are choosing Room Lease as their go-to for rental solutions.